Realizing decision-making efficiencies through integration

Our applied simulation technology consulting targets the efficiencies that can be achieved in the decision-making process by joining science, technology, people, and process.

Our people focus on optimizing turnaround time and establishing corporate standards through assessing, designing, and customizing workflows and best practices. These can be applied to optimize decision support and planning processes, forecasting and integrated field development planning, applied EOR and scalable simulation, and probabilistic modeling.

Collaborating for efficiency and consistency

By taking a collaborative approach in framing the decision criteria, applied simulation technology consulting aids in maximizing project understanding and value through knowledge transfer and documentation. Our collaborative approach also enables effective and consistent field development planning and process optimization to take advantage of the latest reservoir modeling technology capabilities.

Engaging multidisciplinary teams in modeling

The technology consulting approach also offers engagement for multidisciplinary teams. Representative geological models can be collaboratively screened for use in dynamic studies to assess the uncertainty in resources and reserves, create field development plans, and forecast probabilistic production profiles.

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