Schlumberger Asset Consulting

When considering the wide range of complex factors involved in pinpointing where to allocate resources for exploration or drilling your next exploration well, our consultants will ensure you have the latest knowledge and science at your disposal, supported by their detailed recommendations. Working with your teams—or independently—they will help you plan a course of action to deliver results in the safest and most resource efficient way—we have a global record of success with more than 200 projects delivered. From basin to prospect we provide comprehensive support to help you make the right decisions at the right moment to accelerate your time to first oil.

With declining reserves and challenging project economics within the oil and gas industry, an improved understanding of risk and reward of exploration projects, consistent with company strategies, is essential to ensure sustainable growth of an organization.

Services we offer in Exploration

Regional / basin evaluation

Regional or basin exploration potential assessment for new venture evaluation or extension of known hydrocarbon plays and petroleum systems to identify new leads.

Structural Geology

Assessment of the structural geology of a region, basin or prospect and understanding structural styles and evolution.

Play Identification and assessment

Understanding the petroleum system and the relation of the petroleum system’s elements to leads, potential prospects or known hydrocarbon accumulations in a specific stratigraphic level.

Schlumberger Asset Consulting

Petroleum system modeling

Conventional and unconventional assessment of the petroleum system’s elements and related processes and timing: trap, reservoir, charge and seal.

Resource assessment

Quantification of identified and potential resources in a basin, play or lease block; probabilistic yet-to-find resource assessment based on industry standard methodologies.

Prospect assessment and ranking

Assessment and ranking of identified prospects by probabilistic quantification of hydrocarbon resources, risk and value

Full cycle value assessment

Economic assessment of drillable prospects including probabilistic value assessment by subsurface and surface risks quantification.

Exploration center

Managed, integrated end-to-end exploration process from basin evaluation to prospect identification and full cycle value assessment of drillable prospects, aligned with strategic company goals.