IBM - Red Hat

Schlumberger, IBM, and Red Hat are increasing customer deployment options of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment in all basins across the globe, in compliance with data residency restrictions and local regulations.
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“Digital innovation has become the most powerful way to drive transformation and hybrid cloud is the lever that unleashes it.”  

Arvind Krishna, chief executive officer, IBM


Digital solutions in any basin for any operator


Together with IBM and Red Hat we are complementing our established digital partnerships to deliver an industry-first solution to our customers’ challenges.

Customer insights 

The DELFI environment draws on multiple data sources, cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver real time insights, automation, and connectivity across all domains in the E&P life cycle.

Hybrid cloud

Schlumberger is leveraging hybrid cloud technology from IBM to give many more oil and gas operators from all regions of the world access to the industry’s leading digital environment, including on-premises and across multiple public clouds.

OSDU data platform 

The collaboration partners plan to deliver the first hybrid cloud implementation of the OSDU™ data platform, enabling oil and gas operators to build, deploy, and transition digital solutions with hybrid-cloud data infrastructures.