With a comprehensive suite of services to aid in digital transformation, we help support and accelerate your organization’s journey to unlock productivity gains across all levels of your operations.

From helping develop a digital business strategy that is aligned to your key business objectives, to deploying and tuning E&P digital solutions, or developing new digital talent for oil and gas, we can help you identify high value pilots and innovation projects through to deployment of digital solutions at scale across your operations.

Digital Transformation Consulting

With an holistic approach for E&P business digitalization we focus on delivering business value with our in-depth knowledge of oil and gas operations and processes, combined with the latest digital technologies and industry-specific transformation needs. With a more comprehensive understanding of your E&P business than other consulting groups can offer, we help you develop and implement relevant, scalable solutions that deliver quantitative benefits and can be deployed today.

Digital Innovation Labs

The opportunity to explore and elaborate digital concepts for your oil and gas business. We work with your teams in focused workshops and agile projects, to help develop your digital leadership and proficiency. We use a combination of digital and E&P domain expertise, open development techniques, machine learning, automation and high-performance computing on the cloud to deliver maximum business impact.

Transition Services

From single asset teams and small companies to large enterprise deployments, our comprehensive range of services help you to seamlessly and efficiently move from traditional on-premise computing environments, to a collaborative digital cloud-based experience, while minimizing disruption to operations.

Operation Services

Our experts work closely with your teams to help sustain, refine, and tune the solutions supporting your operations. From onsite petrotechnical support, specialized training, in-depth technology consulting, data and software release management, we work to maximize your teams’ productivity.

Digital Transformation Services