• Models three-phase flow—oil, water and gas
  • Predicts dispersion of oil and water
  • Enables fundamental process equipment modeling
  • Supports connection to other simulators


In most cases, production tubulars and pipelines have three phases flowing simultaneously. At low velocities there is considerable slip between gas and liquids, and also between oil and water. As a result, liquids tend to collect in low spots along the system, which leads to high local accumulations and increases the potential for slugging and surges. Where water accumulates, there is also potential for serious corrosion problems and hydrate formation.

The Olga simulator supports process equipment modeling in deepwater field developments and other complex developments, and accurately models dynamic multiphase flow. Oil and water dispersions are also predicted; dispersion viscosities—which may deviate considerably from the oil-water average viscosities—are calculated by the default models or user-defined tuning factors.