Cognite is an industrial software company that helps legacy industries transform. Cognite creates software for oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, and other asset-heavy industries. Cognite products turn industrial data into customer value by liberating it, contextualizing it, and making it actionable for users.


To solve production and asset performance challenges in the energy domain, Cognite and SLB have formed a strategic technology partnership to help customers integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities, using a single, open data foundation.

Through this partnership, customers can integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities in a single, open platform, and leverage embedded AI and advanced analytics tools to optimize production, reduce costs and decrease operational footprint.
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Sujit Kumar and Francois Laborie discuss the SLB-Cognite Partnership

SLB and Cognite – for better, faster outcomes at scale

SLB’s deep domain knowledge and AI capabilities combine with Cognite’s industrial data operations technology to optimize production, reduce costs, decrease operational footprint, and create transformational business insights.

Overcome operational complexity and accelerate your data journey, with digital solutions and automated workflows at scale.

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Cognite Data Fusion®

In conjunction with SLB, Cognite Data Fusion powers the industry-leading data foundation. Get the most out of your installed production capacity and improve the return on your digital investments, by contextualizing your operational data and deploying the right solutions at scale.

Cognite Data Fusion provides continuous data access, and the ability to automate and standardize workflows with domain-AI and actionable insights. Secure better, faster outcomes from off-the-shelf apps, or by building your own solutions that scale companywide.

Unlock value by streamlining workflows across production optimization, asset performance management, and more, to improve productivity and enhance maintenance programs.

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SLB and Cognite partnership alliance targets technical limit in production levels for Vedanta

Cairn Oil & Gas has awarded a contract to SLB and Cognite alliance to use data-driven production reservoir management solutions to achieve throughput levels at the technical limit.

A unit of Vedanta Group, the largest private oil and gas E&P company in India, Cairn is seeking to digitalize work processes at scale and leverage insights from AI and advanced analytics to optimize surface production operations. The automation of data capture and processing as well as operational analysis and diagnostics will unlock substantial efficiency gains for manual workflows.

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