New Software Release

OLGA 2020.1 is Now Available

Friday, 30 October 2020

Product overview

The OLGA* dynamic multiphase flow simulator models transient flow (time-dependent behaviors) to maximize production potential. Transient modeling is an essential component for feasibility studies and field development design. Dynamic simulation is essential in deep water and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behavior in pipelines and wellbores.

Transient simulation with the OLGA simulator provides an added dimension to steady-state analysis by predicting system dynamics, such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, solids deposition, and operational changes.

From wellbore dynamics for any well completion to pipeline systems with various types of process equipment, the OLGA simulator provides an accurate prediction of key operational conditions involving transient flow.

OLGA 2020.1 will be available soon within the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

*Mark of Schlumberger

Release updates

Liquid film wall roughness model

The HD stratified flow model has been updated to improve its accuracy for gas condensate production systems. The new model improves pressure drop predictions at high gas rates for low liquid-loading flows and has been extensively verified against a wide range of experiments.

Enhanced prediction of water accumulation

This update of the HD stratified flow model targets water accumulation for low flow rates and gravity-dominated flows. Here, the momentum mixing across the oil/water interface has been reduced to increase oil-water slip. The new model predicts a higher water content for gravity-dominated flows with low flow rates.

Slug initiation model

OLGA 2020.1 can model Taylor bubble initiation and is introduced as an option in slug tracking. The model is suitable for cases where slug flow is initiated by the formation of Taylor bubbles in local bubbly flow, improving prediction of slug dynamics in liquid-dominated systems.

Improved pig modeling capabilities

The upgraded pig model available in OLGA 2020.1 strengthens the capability to simulate complex pigging scenarios. These scenarios typically involve long traveling distances, complicated pipeline geometry, and multiple pig trains with large pressure or liquid discontinuities across the pigs.

Improved calculations of aqueous phase properties

The Multiflash CSMA High Accuracy model for aqueous phase properties is used in OLGA Compositional Tracking and improves accuracy when modeling aqueous component mixtures.


The product is suitable for use by production, process, and flow assurance engineers, and those involved in multiphase flow simulation.