New Software Release

Symmetry 2023.2 now available

Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Product overview

The Symmetry™ process software platform helps users model process workflows in a single collaborative environment, while integrating pipelines, pipe networks, facilities models, and flare systems to enable consistent thermodynamics and fluid characterization across the whole system. With the Symmetry platform, users can switch between steady-state and dynamic modeling, optimize processes in upstream, midstream, downstream, and new energy sectors, and maximize the total value of the asset. 

The user experience has been improved in the Symmetry platform 2023.2 release, and new features have been added to provide deeper insight into day-to-day modeling processes.

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Release details

Enhanced Electrolyzer unit operation including proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology

The Electrolyzer unit operation has been expanded to include PEM technology, enabling users to simulate and model PEM Electrolyzers. This integration provides a powerful platform for designing and optimizing efficient PEM Electrolyzer systems for hydrogen production, and for evaluating and optimizing system performance. Additionally, the Electrolyzer unit operation has been enhanced to enable users to investigate various parameters that affect Electrolyzer efficiency and hydrogen production, such as voltage or current decay I-V curve, parallel or series Electrolyzer configurations, shunt current, heat input, and cross-over.

Improved OLI link for corrosion calculations

The OLI Systems link with the Symmetry platform has been enhanced to support corrosion calculations based on user-specified flow conditions and fluid properties. These point calculations are currently available for material streams under the standalone OLI calculations tab and enable users to select different metal types to observe their effects on corrosion results.

Flaresim software visualization and user experience enhancement

With the latest update, Flaresim™ flare systems design and analysis software isopleth plots now display results based on the active unit set selected on the Symmetry platform. This enhancement allows users to align units seamlessly between the Symmetry platform and Flaresim software. Moreover, users can now customize isopleth colors, plot details, and contour details from the Symmetry platform via the link to Flaresim software.