New Software Release

ECLIPSE 2023.2 Now Available

Friday, 14 July 2023

Product overview

The Eclipse™ industry-reference reservoir simulator offers the most complete and robust set of numerical solutions, for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior for all types of reservoirs and development schemes. The Eclipse simulator has been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 40 years due to its robust capabilities, speed, parallel scalability, and unmatched platform coverage. The simulator covers the entire spectrum of reservoir modeling, including black-oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline simulation. 

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Release highlights

The Eclipse 2023.2 release includes key developments, that improve modeling capabilities for cases modeling CO2 solubility in water, to the CO2SOL functionality.

Release updates

Improvements to CO2SOL functionality

Aiming to enhance CO2 storage applications, this release brings a quality and enhancement campaign to modelling CO2 solubility in water using the CO2SOL keyword. Improvements include:

  • Temperature dependent solubility tables can now be generated automatically.
  • The solubility table reporting to the PRT file has been improved, with better formatting and more significant figures output. For automatically generated tables, additional information on the salinity, temperature and viscosity calculation type used has been added.
  • The documentation has been improved to highlight alternative calculation methods which are available for viscosity, density, and water formation volume factor.
  • An issue which meant that the automatically generated temperature independent tables used an inappropriate temperature in models without an RTEMP keyword has been fixed.
  • Component aqueous solution gas-water ratio can now be reported for individual global and local grid blocks.

For the Eclipse 100 simulator

  • The date and time of a run is now output to the PRT file in a similar format to Eclipse 300.
  • The GVIR summary keyword output now includes the effects of compressibility.
  • Reporting for item 48 of the OPTIONS keyword has been improved.

For the Eclipse 300 simulator

  • Mole fractions for missing hydrocarbon phases are now reported as zero rather than set to the mole fraction for the other hydrocarbon phase.
  • The EDITNNC and EDITNNCR keyword processing algorithm has been optimized.
  • Saturation endpoints are now processed and reported correctly for GASWAT models.