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ECLIPSE 2022.2 Now Available

Monday, 25 July 2022

Product overview

The ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator offers the most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior for all types of reservoirs and development schemes. The ECLIPSE simulator has been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 40 years due to its extensive capabilities, robustness, speed, parallel scalability, and unmatched platform coverage. The ECLIPSE simulator covers the entire spectrum of reservoir modeling, including black oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline simulation. 

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Release highlights

The ECLIPSE 2022.2 release includes key developments that extend CO2 storage workflows (incorporating science from the Symmetry process software platform) and enhance the performance, usability, and functionalities of the simulator suite.

Release updates

Improvements to the CO2STORE option

  • A facility has been added to calculate CO2 enthalpy from internal tables generated with the Symmetry process software platform for thermal CO2-water systems. This not only simplifies the input but also provides optional enthalpy phase mole fraction dependency and a much more sensitive enthalpy pressure dependency than existing options.
  • Enhanced output of enthalpy variation with pressure and temperature is now available for all enthalpy methods.
  • A large number of water (and oil) summary vectors for the GASWAT and nonthermal CO2STORE options have received improvements.
  • Input for the oil viscosity-temperature correlations has been simplified through improved defaulting behavior.
  • Diffusivity behavior of water components in GASSOL models has been improved.
  • The message and warning system for these workflows has been improved.

Reporting of solid mole fractions

The solid mole fraction reporting facility has been improved and extended to support non-CO2STORE models.

  • If a component is defaulted, reports are only generated for those with a possible solid phase.
  • Non-CO2STORE models can now output solid mole fraction summary vectors for individual grid cells (BSMF and LBSMF) and 3D reports (SMF mnemonic in relevant keywords).

For both ECLIPSE 100 and ECLIPSE 300 simulators:

  • The maximum length of a .GSG filename has been increased from 72 characters and is now limited only by the maximum number of characters per line of an input file.
  • ACTIONX condition checking has been improved to avoid invalid indexes being interpreted as 1.
  • Validation has been improved for summary keywords starting with B and LB.

Additionally, for ECLIPSE 100 simulator

  • PRT reporting for amalgamated grid connections in parallel runs has been improved.
  • LB summary vectors can now be used in ACTIONX conditions.
  • Error handling has been improved for restart cases where the units are different from the base case.

For ECLIPSE 300 simulator

  • Reporting of negative directional multipliers has been improved and made consistent with ECLIPSE 100.
  • LB and LW summary vectors can now be used in ACTIONX conditions.
  • SEPCHx keyword checking has been improved to cover all components.
  • Memory requirements for the velocity dependent relative permeability model have been reduced.
  • Error handling has been improved for parallel runs when invalid partitions are specified.