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Schlumberger and MySep Announce Collaboration to Integrate Process Simulation Technology with Separation Expertise

New agreement brings together leading technologies and knowledge to improve operability and reduce operational costs for customers

Schlumberger and MySep have announced a new collaboration that provides a joint solution delivering unprecedented capabilities for the design and rating of separators, and for evaluating their impact on the overall system in the exploration and production (E&P), and process industries. The joint solution will be available through on-premise systems and through the cloud based DELFI* cognitive E&P environment.

The DELFI environment is the only cloud ecosystem where MySep software products are commercially deployed. MySep Studio and MySep Engine are now available in the Process Facilities Engineer profile in the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite. This is in addition to the Symmetry process software platform, and cutting-edge simulators OLGA* dynamic multiphase flow simulator, PIPESIM* steady-state multiphase flow simulator, and Flaresim* flare systems design and analysis software.

Because proper separation is one of the key factors of processing fluids and one of the largest factors influencing the overall operational performance of an asset, the two companies will work together seamlessly on projects: bringing together domain expertise from Schlumberger with MySep’s wealth of knowledge in all aspects of separation—access to the MySep Expertise Service is available through Schlumberger.

Combining the considerable expertise of both companies with the extensive process simulation capabilities of the Symmetry platform enables deeper analysis of separators; users can evaluate interactions from well head to flare tip in both design and rating applications. The result is new designs that are better able to handle the disturbances they are faced with, thus improving operability and throughput in the most cost-effective way. In the case of existing systems, operational limitations can be more thoroughly identified, and mitigation strategies can be developed and tested to improve operations. 

Together, Symmetry and MySep are providing the energy industry with an integrated solution that increases efficiencies and reduces cost by ensuring correct sizing of new separation equipment and enabling active troubleshooting of existing equipment to ensure optimal performance. 


*Mark of Schlumberger