Schlumberger and Microsoft take seismic processing to the cloud

Monday, 29 August 2022

Schlumberger and Microsoft have signed a multi-year agreement to pool joint expertise and build open and extensible cloud-native data products for the energy industry. The next phase will use the openness and agility of the OSDU™ Data Platform to develop the first cloud-native seismic processing solution – DELFI* Seismic Processing.

By leveraging the OSDU Data Platform, the partners are providing a cost-effective foundation for developing innovative applications and workflows to address current seismic needs. Third-party developers will build and augment seismic processing solutions, either for their own internal use or to offer to the market.

DELFI Seismic Processing will help to simplify, automate, accelerate, and significantly improve seismic processing times. The increased business efficiency will help identify areas of operations optimization while leveraging the carbon neutral power of the Microsoft cloud. This technology will also enable seismic technology for emerging areas like carbon capture and storage (CCS) for innovators, researchers, and the industry as they embark on solving the technical challenges of a low emission future.

To reduce processing cycle times, Schlumberger applies best-in-class geophysics, automation, and high-performance computing, an approach it has verified on its own workflows. The partnership will accelerate the development of additional workflows to make the end-to-end processing capability available on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is a premier hyper-scale cloud provider with extensive expertise in delivering enterprise-grade software and a wealth of data and productivity services to enhance cloud solutions. 

The initial focus is to refine the solution to optimize third-party extensions and to complete the capability to rapidly build high-quality velocity models for imaging, enhancing usability, performance, and quality.

Together Schlumberger and Microsoft are leading a new processing era by enhancing speed, developing new technology, and creating extensibility for the industry. The partners welcome input from others in the energy and technology sectors.

Schlumberger and Microsoft take seismic processing to the cloud

*Mark of Schlumberger.