Response to COVID-19: Supporting our communities

The tremendous disruption across the world with the spread of COVID-19 is affecting us all—people, operations, and supply chains. The health and safety of our people, customers, partners, and communities remains my number one priority. Our people, many now working from home, have responded to this challenge with tenacity and pride, driven by a firm commitment to maintaining our operations and supporting our customers to achieve safe and secure business continuity.

Firstly, through our customer care center (CCC) we’re providing 24/7 support to our customers around the world and will continue to do so, even if our support teams have to work from home. Our NExT Remote Instructor Lead Series training is already enabling our customers to use home working as an opportunity for constructive training. It’s helping them stay productive and avoid delays, while their people are working at home. Right now, we are rapidly developing this capability, so will soon offer a broader spectrum of remote training options—expect further updates as these become available.

Remote working technology has quickly emerged as a valuable tool, enabling many in our society to keep in touch and carry on with their lives during this challenging period. Companies are finding new solutions and methods of working that enable them to stay productive, and we are adapting our offering to keep our customers operating successfully. I am personally committed to finding new ways of helping our industry innovate to emerge stronger.

We have made a selection of special options available to our customers to cover multiple scenarios, including remote working with leading petrotechnical software within the DELFI cognitive E&P environment and our conventional on-prem software. Our aim is to ensure our customers are best prepared for whatever’s around the corner, so we have local teams in all areas, working with them to implement practical solutions for their operations.

Members of our local teams are currently contacting our customers to make them aware of new service options we have created. To be updated on the special options now available, please get in touch using our website contact form.

The response to COVID-19 is changing rapidly; and we must all change rapidly to meet it. Schlumberger has always delivered change at the pace our customers’ operating situation demands, and we will do so again, during these very unusual times.

Best wishes,
Trygve Randen
President, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger