New Software Release

PetroMod 2022.1 Now Available

Friday, 20 May 2022

Product overview

PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software combines seismic, well, and geological information to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin. PetroMod software predicts if, and how, a reservoir has been charged with hydrocarbons, including the source and timing of hydrocarbon generation, migration routes, quantities, and hydrocarbon type in the subsurface or at surface conditions.

PetroMod software is the most advanced commercially available oil and gas migration modeling technology and the only commercial system with fully PVT-controlled modeling of n-component 3-phase relationships during the entire migration process. Multiple simulation methods—i.e., Darcy, flow path (ray tracing), invasion percolation (IP), and the PetroMod software hybrid Darcy-flow path-IP simulator—can be used with the same data models. The 2D and 3D migration modeling technology uses flash calculations throughout the entire model and its geological history. This delivers an improved understanding and prediction of petroleum properties and oil versus gas probability assessments.

PetroMod 2022.1 is also available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment as part of the Petrotechnical Suite.

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Release details

PetroMod 2022.1 combines a state-of-the-art user interface with high-simulation performance that enables you to perform sophisticated analyses of the dynamic temperature, pressure, and migration history of complex geological systems in a fast and intuitive, process-focused workflow. The unification of the 2D and 3D model builder and viewer capabilities allow a fast switch between 2D and 3D model setup and analyses, saving time and costs.
Key enhancements in this release:

Carbon storage workflows

  • Added a new component injection table
  • Set simulator default to a 2-year time scale resolution
  • Added a new interfacial tension (IFT) table for CO2
  • Enhanced IP capillary pressure and saturation modeling
  • Improved IP performance for big accumulations

Data liberation

  • Added feature for extraction of 1D well data to Geomechanics Insights in the DELFI environment. Geomechanics Insights is a cloud-based workspace for PetroMod Geomechanics. It enables users to upload and discover data and geomechanical models, create insights and share them seamlessly with other applications and workflows in the DELFI environment.

Calibration Editor

  • Added a new calibration model: Burnham (2019)_Easy%RoV

Kinetics Editor

  • Added vitrinite reflectance as an x-axis option in addition to time and temperature
  • Added a Search function: Users no longer have to visually search for a Kinetics Editor component. Instead, just paste or type the name of the component and the Kinetics Editor will select the searched component in the tree. It’s also possible to search wild cards to find all the Kinetics names that contain the letters given in the wild cards.

Lithology Editor

  • Added a Search function: Similar to the new search function in the Kinetics Editor, users can paste or type the name of a Lithology Editor component in the search bar and the function will select the searched component in the tree. 

Command Menu

  • Implemented several usability improvements to optimize project data handling:
    • Obsolete projects can be manually deleted from the list
    • Messages in the Message Viewer can be deleted based on their date
    • Intermediate versions can be automatically deleted when updating a project
    • The backup model function now allows multiple backups and the 2 GB limit in Windows no longer applies
    • Nested models can be backed up and copied while keeping the extracted files from the parent model
    • The HPC Job Launcher can be started from the Project Browser in the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite