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New Software Release

OFM 22.1 Now Available

Monday, 05 December 2022

Product overview

OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed for day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields. It provides a cost-effective, integrated environment in which to accomplish complex workflows, build forecasting analyses, and generate visualizations of reservoir and production data. 

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What’s new in OFM 22.1

OFM software provides a user-friendly interface and efficient analysis tools for viewing and analyzing production, completions, and reservoir data. The new version OFM 22.1 introduces quality upgrades along with enhancements of current modules. This release also brings a key update for OFM software plugin development, with new Microsoft Visual Studio extensions.

Improved visualization

  • New pie, doughnut, and tree map charts, with drill-down capabilities that provide flexible and powerful hierarchical views of the data

Pattern manager

  • More effective waterflood analyses, with an easy-to-use template that brings flexibility and improved user efficiency in managing project patterns and related data 
  • New display, sorting, and filtering options for customized views
  • Color coding by pattern or completion
  • Validation and editing of pattern factors
  • Calculation and display of pattern area and distance between wells

Dashboard templates

  • Ten new dashboard templates included in the standard catalog
  • New template export manager for sharing classic and new dashboard templates

Mapping updates

  • New mapping layer for grid calculations: original oil in place (OOIP), pore volume (PV), hydrocarbon PV (HCPV), and movable PV (MPV).

Performance updates

  • New SQL performance options added
  • New autosave feature
  • Two new Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) methods enabled for SQL Server

Microsoft Visual Studio extensions for plugins

  • New extensions with templates to easily create OFM software functions and analysis plugins
    Refer to the OFM API Guide for details on how to install and use the new tools and templates.


OFM software is used primarily by reservoir engineers and production engineers for production and injection surveillance, production analysis, and forecasting in oil and gas fields. Engineers can manage more wells in less time and efficiently optimize the production performance of an entire asset. The software enables basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The product also supports managers and decision makers in the overall management of the assets.