New Software Release

FluidModeler 2021.1 Now available

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Product overview

FluidModeler makes Schlumberger’s fluid science accessible via guided workflows in a modern user-friendly interface. It is designed to model standard PVT laboratory measurements and evaluate gas miscibility with reservoir fluids. FluidModeler 2021.1, with its rigorous optimization techniques and guided workflows, ensures that the best fluid models are developed in a reproducible manner every time. In addition, the application has a fluid audit trail system that tracks the development of fluid models and enables you to easily compare the derived fluid models within the same interface.

FluidModeler 2021.1 has the following functionality to support core reservoir engineering PVT and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) workflows:

Modern and usable interface

Isothermal compositional gradient

Fluid creation and editing

EOR—swelling test

Fluid recombination

EOR—minimum miscibility pressure

Oil-based mud (OBM) decontamination

EOR—multiple contact

Standard PVT experiments (constant composition expansion, differential liberation, separator, constant volume depletion)

EOR—ternary diagrams

C7+ characterization

Tutorials (black oil, gas condensate, OBM, thermal export)

Bulk tuning (molecular weight tuning of the plus fraction)

PVTi import

Viscosity model tuning

Export to simulators—Black oil tables, equilibration tables, thermal

Tuning—multi-fluid support

Export for ECLIPSE Compositional (.pvo file)

Equation-of-state tuning

Export for PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator (.gfa file)

Component lumping

Available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment and on premise (same versions)


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Release updates

FluidModeler 2021.1 builds on the previous version by adding the following features:

  • An upgraded library of components that includes
    • A new, more accurate method to evaluate the properties of single carbon number groups
    • An extra option to calculate the normal boiling point for user components
  • Usability and workflow improvements
  • Updated tutorials and technical documentation
  • Bug and security fixes


This software is suitable for reservoir engineers and anyone involved with hydrocarbon fluid characterization.