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New Software Release

Schlumberger announces the release of DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Product overview

The DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace is the first cloud-native DELFI cognitive E&P environment solution developed to enrich reservoir engineering workflows. The new workspace enables more efficient management of simulations cases, faster analysis of history match quality for greater confidence in models, and improved reservoir insights for field development planning using powerful analytical tools. Key capabilities include

  • industry-first data management solution for simulation models and ensembles, including versioning, audit trail, and access controls
  • full integration with DELFI Petrotechnical Suite for ensemble and scenario generation
  • new visualizations of data, including automatic correlation of uncertainty parameters to reservoir dynamic responses
  • full integration with elastic on-demand simulation services in the DELFI environment using ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator and INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator
  • rapid assessment and comparison of different ensembles and field development scenarios
  • full integration of DELFI Reservoir Engineering scenario analysis and models with FDPlan agile field development planning solution and other DELFI environment experiences

The DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace is available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. The product supports the user in delivering a whole spectrum of field studies, such as building high-fidelity models for heterogeneous reservoirs, investigating complex recovery mechanisms, and optimizing advanced field development strategies using reservoir simulation.  DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace enables a quick analysis of reservoir uncertainties and risks by facilitating automated analysis tools for probabilistic workflows.

The workspace was developed to improve three key areas of current reservoir simulation workflows.

More efficient management of simulation cases: DELFI Reservoir Engineering workspace enables users to consolidate, visualize, organize, and analyze all existing ensembles of cases in one single environment—providing users with quick and easy access to a large volume of simulation data that can help determine future strategies or simulation cases to run. This is achieved by an underlying data framework, which provides easy access to store, find, organize, and classify simulation models and results in context. These advanced model management capabilities enable end users to take reservoir simulation analysis to the next level.

Faster and more confident history-match analysis and results: The DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace enables users to rapidly assess the impact of uncertainty variables on simulation results, analyze production, injection and pressure data under uncertainties, and automatically compare the responses from ensembles of models against historical data. This enables quick hypothesis validation and quick understanding of history match quality.

Improved reservoir insights for better field-development decisions: The DELFI Reservoir Engineering workspace bridges the gap between understanding the subsurface and business processes and operational decisions by enabling users to automatically provide production forecast insights for business process applications. Models and results are automatically shared with other DELFI environment experiences such as the FDPlan solution.

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This software is suitable for use by all reservoir engineers performing numerical simulation or analyzing simulation results. In certain cases, it may also be used by geomodelers, drilling engineers, and production engineers who need to understand the dynamic response of the reservoir.