Brazilian leader ENAUTA goes digital with the DELFI environment

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

One of the early mid-size companies to adopt the cloud-based AI and analytics platform for their digital journeys

ENAUTA, a Brazilian leader in domestic offshore exploration, has deployed the DELFI cognitive E&P environment as another bold step in its digital strategy—one of a growing number of mid-size energy companies adopting the cloud-based environment for their digital journeys.

The DELFI environment will enable ENAUTA to gain efficiencies in reservoir characterization and improve the decision-making process using machine learning (ML) algorithms and leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) in the cloud.

“As we move forward with our plan to increase our portfolio, we needed to run analyses and evaluations of potential assets, fast,” said Executive Manager for Exploration Eduardo Lopes de Faria. “Once the assets are identified, the advanced AI and analytics solutions embedded in the DELFI environment can help us manage our entire portfolio. This will take collaboration to the next level, with cross-domain analysis enabled by all users accessing the same data and working in a single integrated environment.”

“We applaud ENAUTA’s vision in growing their company through digital enablement,” said Schlumberger Digital Manager Alexandre Valente. “The DELFI environment will help them accelerate their workflows and increase efficiency in both identification and management of their portfolios.  We look forward to continuing to work with them in addressing their strategic objectives of digital transformation and further expanding their portfolio in Brazil and elsewhere.”

ENAUTA plans to use AI and machine learning workflows in the DELFI environment for assisted fault interpretation and petrophysical modeling. The HPC capacity will enable a larger number of scenarios to be reviewed more quickly, allowing for a faster and better uncertainty and optimization analysis. 

ENAUTA - Schlumberger