Day two of the SIS Global Forum saw another busy schedule of talks and presentations from industry leaders, including Patrick Pouyanné, CEO Total; Vicki Hollub, president and CEO Occidental Petroleum; Bernard Looney, chief executive Upstream BP; and Gavin Rennick, president SIS, Schlumberger. Delegates were given a comprehensive demonstration of the new DELFI cognitive E&P environment and the DrillPlan digital well construction planning solution in action.

Let’s embrace disruption – Patrick Pouyanné

“We have to face many disruptive forces, we have to remain agile and adaptive.”

Opening the plenary session on day two, Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné told attendees how his company is actively embracing the opportunities offered by the digitized world.

Digital solutions offer the means to deliver better business performance, improve safety, and support a sustainable future for the industry, he said.

To reach this ambition, he challenged the sector to be bold: “We have to face many disruptive forces, we have to remain agile and adaptive.”

He ended with a strong rallying cry for the sector: “We can’t be followers, we need to accelerate innovations in order to lead the way, together with our partners.”

Let’s get moving – Gavin Rennick

“This change is massive and it has to be managed.”

Concluding the plenary sessions, Gavin Rennick, president, SIS, Schlumberger, highlighted the sense of urgency for change that had been shared by all the speakers, “a sense of let’s get moving.”

He took the attendees deeper into the world of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, highlighting its origins in Schlumberger’s strong heritage as a trusted provider of technology for the oil and gas industry. Through the DELFI environment, this rich base of deep domain knowledge, data, development, and intellectual property is now embedded into a secure and fully connected digital world, he said.

He went on to give a comprehensive demonstration of the DELFI environment and the DrillPlan well construction solution in action. Using the real workflows of Schlumberger people, he showed how they enable seamless collaboration between different roles—from development geologist to drilling engineer and production engineer.

In DrillPlan, he showed the improved efficiency in replanning a well trajectory, with the time for the task reducing from “days to seconds.”

Find out more about DrillPlan here.

The journey to digital transformation – Vicki Hollub, Bernard Looney

"For those who will change—and not all will—technology, and digital technology specifically, offers a powerful new way to adapt and thrive in this new world."

Bernard Looney, Chief Executive, Upstream BP

Among the high-caliber industry speakers on the main stage today were Vicki Hollub, president and CEO, Occidental Petroleum, and Bernard Looney, chief executive, Upstream BP.

Vicki Hollub explained her company’s unique approach to digital transformation and how it is driving business value. She gave the audience a fascinating glimpse of what’s next for Oxy—including the Re-imagined Oilfield (RIO)—and demonstrated how the company’s innovation process is delivering a strong pipeline of new ideas.

“Think differently” was a key theme of the presentation, which showed how important it is to Occidental to nurture an “ideas culture” to enable continuing innovation.

For BP, Bernard Looney highlighted the “extraordinary combination of forces” that are now shaping the industry. He believes that digital is coming of age at exactly the right time and he highlighted the huge opportunity that digital technologies offer the industry.

Speaking about BP’s partnership with Schlumberger in the development of the DrillPlan well construction planning solution, he said, “Our aspiration is that this solution will initially reduce cycle times and improve our learning and knowledge management. In time, we also expect to see lower well costs and greater organisational productivity.”

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A new E&P environment for the evolving world—DELFI cognitive E&P environment defines a new standard in cross—discipline collaboration.

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