New Software Release

SCAL v3 is Now Available

Friday, 25 September 2020

Product overview

SCAL v3 plug-in enables preparing a static model for simulation using petrophysical data available in the Techlog Wellbore software platform.

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Release updates

Guided workflow

  • A new guided workflow was added to the SCAL ribbon: end points to table. This enables users to have equations for different end points to generate a set of capillary pressure and relative permeability tables.


  • Bugs fixed for Deterministic Rock Typing method
  • Table generation is greatly improved based on feedback:
    • It can now generate table per rock type with normalized or unnormalized data.
    • It now supports different fluid systems (oil-water, gas-water and oil-water + gas-oil).
    • It can export data in Family I or II for ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator as well as IX format using TwoPhaseSaturationFunction or SaturationFunction node.

Individual methods

New methods have been added to create the new guided workflow. They can be used individually as well for the user to create their own workflow:

  • Relative permeability (KR) from end points: By using variables in the project browser, a set of relative permeability values can be generated using Corey or LET equations.
  • Capillary pressure (PC) from end points: In the case of missing capillary pressure values, it can be generated using end point and LET equation.
  • Python scripts to generate end points: In the guided workflow, the python scripts are embedded and do not require to be edited by the user; however, they are available and can be used as a stand-alone to generate the end point using default values or by replacing default values with expressions.


The product is suitable for petrophysicists and reservoir engineers and those involved in static and dynamic model preparation.