New Software Release

ProSource 2023.2 Now Available

Friday, 07 July 2023

Product overview

The ProSource™ E&P data management and delivery system provides a powerful and broad solution for acquisition, management, and delivery of corporate data required by all disciplines across an E&P organization.

Building on the strength of the Seabed™ E&P open data model and database, the ProSource system adds the structure for an integrated working environment and holds a vast array of E&P data domains (such as seismic, well, sub-surface, surface facility, bottom hole facility, and production) in a single, integrated repository. The Seabed database allows the extension of its data model to support new or future datatypes.

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Release updates

  • Integration of ESRI map widget in page collection 
    • Select and publish spatial data from multiple layers within ESRI map in the page collection (curated data sources) to export various types of E&P data (general ASCII export, logs, seismic etc.), enabling users to visualize the data in grid and map for various workflows. 

  • User and site preferences 
    • This enables administrators to set project preferences and settings for the site. 
    • These preferences, once set, will apply to all users assigned to the project, with the flexibility for individual users to set their own settings by overriding default settings.   

  • User registration and assignment of projects 
    • Search and register active directory (AD) users from ProSource system web and assign various projects. Projects assigned to group by default will be assigned to users who are part of group, saving time for the admin to assign them individually.  

  • Support to load/export vertical seismic profile (VSP)  
    • Users can load VSP SEG-Y files in ProSource system web.  
    • VSP data can also be added to the cart for approval by a user to be exported from the classic view and the page collection. 

  • Seismic export improvements 
    • The Prosource system supports export of 2D and 3D velocity data from the map as well as the grid in page collection. 
  • User-based folder entitlement in scanner and loader app 
    • Directories in scanner and loader app can be configured to allow users to access specific folders based on business requirements. 
    • It ensures that users are only able to access data that they are authorized to load. 

  • Quality improvements 
    • Business-critical issues named and addressed since the ProSource 2023.1 release have been rolled up into the ProSource 2023.2 release. 
    • End-user documentation, manuals, and online help have been corrected as needed and updated to cover the new features of the release. 

Please note that the ProSource 2023.2 minor release is considered mandatory because the next business-critical issues will be developed and certified on top of 2023.2. The future developments of the ProSource system will be focused on the web interface with the final goal of retiring the Java interface. No new features or bugs fix are planned for the Java interface.

A detailed list of all bugs fixed in this release is available in the ProSource 2023.2 release notes. 


This product is suitable for data managers, data loaders and users (geologists and geophysicists) who require E&P data for further use and data management.