New Software Release

Petrel and Studio 2021.3 Now Available

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Product overview

The Petrel E&P software platform offers geoscientists and engineers a single platform for collaborative workflows with best-in-class technology and leading innovation. From seismic processing to production, the Petrel platform enables seamless integration across all subsurface domains, enabling you to deliver your best field development plan.
Our commitment to technology and quality is one of Schlumberger’s guiding principles. Petrel 2021.3 delivers the latest updates in domain workflows, functionality, and productivity. It also leverages the power of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment’s data ecosystem to bring the latest advances in cognitive technology to your favorite E&P platform—whether you’re working in the DELFI environment or on premise.

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Release updates

The Petrel 2021.3 release focuses on delivering a robust and performant platform for our users. Along with new functionality, a number of bug fixes are included in this release, the full details of which can be found in the Petrel Release Notes via the Schlumberger Software Support Portal.

Studio platform refresh tasks
To fix a performance degradation in the Studio E&P knowledge platform databases and repositories upgraded with Studio Manager 2021.1, a new database and repository refresh task has been added for SQL Server implementations. This issue arose due to column type conversions (between varchar and nvarchar), and the new tasks ensure that existing and newly generated repositories have the updated column type that removes the conversion performance overhead.

Live collaboration usability improvements
Petrel 2021.3 delivers significant usability improvements in the live collaboration tool. Collaboration on regular surfaces, points, polygons, faults, and fault contacts can now be done through folder collaboration. To join a session, only the collaboration folder is required in a project (contents of the folder that are not present in the joining project will be created). During collaboration, new objects added to the collaboration folder will be added to the session.

Rapid estimation of missing elastic logs
Missing elastic well log data can restrict the analysis and understanding of subsurface characterization, leading to an incomplete reservoir picture. Petrel 2021.3 introduces a new quantitative interpretation (QI) tool that uses machine learning to estimate elastic rock properties. By training a model on a set of training logs and adjusting user-defined parameters, you can now rapidly estimate missing logs to enhance your reservoir understanding and enable the use of more comprehensive quantitative interpretation workflows for understanding the subsurface.

Depogrid RESQML v2.0.1 support
To improve Depogrid workflow extensibility using the industry-standard RESQML v2 format, Petrel 2021.3 introduces a new export utility for depogrids, their properties, and associated data. The subsequent reimport of grid properties only is also supported.


The Petrel E&P software platform and Studio E&P knowledge platform bring benefits to all geoscientists and engineers, including seismic processors, seismic interpreters, geologists, reservoir modelers, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, production geologists, and data and information managers. The platforms can be deployed by companies working in exploration, development, and production for either unconventional or conventional reservoirs.