New Software Release

Petrel and Studio 2020.5 Now Available

Friday, 30 April 2021

Product overview

The Petrel E&P software platform offers geoscientists and engineers a single platform for collaborative workflows with best-in-class technology and leading innovation. From seismic processing to production, the Petrel platform enables seamless integration across all subsurface domains, enabling you to deliver your best field development plan.

Our commitment to technology and quality is one of Schlumberger’s guiding principles. Petrel 2020.5 delivers the latest updates in domain workflows, functionality, and productivity. It also leverages the power of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment to bring the latest advances in cognitive technology to your favorite E&P platform.

Committed to openness, in 2021 we are making the Petrel platform data accessible across the DELFI cognitive E&P environment through its open data ecosystem. This enables us to enrich everyday tasks and workflows, while delivering unparalleled productivity and integration, ultimately enabling you to make better-informed decisions faster.

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Release updates

Data and Foundation

Quality improvements

Multiple important bug fixes were delivered across all domains to improve Petrel platform performance and user productivity. Full details on all the bug fixes delivered in Petrel 2020.5, and how you can benefit, can be found in the Petrel 2020.5 release notes available on the support portal.

Well data transfer from Studio Find now 20× faster

When making a silent transfer of well related data from Studio Find, the queries collecting the transfer set have been improved and are now over 20 times faster than Petrel 2020.4.

Restore tool position

Lost your tool palette? With Petrel 2020.5, you can now quickly bring all your floating widgets back to the center of the Petrel platform interface by pressing Ctrl + F9 or by using the command in the ribbon. This applies to the tool palette, inspector, players, and visual filter tools.


Customize default output realization quality

Petrel 2020.5 offers huge storage saving opportunities with the new ability to customize the default output realization quality for all realized seismic data. Centrally decreasing the default bit size in your Petrel platform project saves you from resetting the output quality every time you realize seismic data: It saves you clicks and enables you to proactively manage the size of your seismic storage.


Interactive well pad design

Petrel 2020.5 introduces a new tool that enables you to quickly, easily, and interactively create and edit your well pad designs in a 2D window. Create, edit, move, configure, and reconfigure pads and laterals using the new Pad Well Editor tool in the pad editing tool palette. The Petrel platform will automatically detect conflicts with neighboring pads and adjust designs on the fly to avoid collisions.

Pad placement

Petrel 2020.5 delivers improvements in the flexibility of pad placement and well trajectory workflows to help users more easily obtain their desired pad and well designs. 


The Petrel E&P software platform and Studio E&P knowledge platform bring benefits to all geoscientists and engineers, including seismic processors, seismic interpreters, geologists, reservoir modelers, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, production geologists, and data and information managers. They can be deployed by companies working in exploration, development, and production for either unconventional or conventional reservoirs.