New Software Release

Petrel and Studio 2019.5 Now Available

Monday, 06 July 2020

Product overview

Petrel E&P software platform offers geoscientists and engineers a single platform for collaborative workflows with best-in-class technology and leading innovation. From seismic to production, the Petrel platform enables seamless integration across all subsurface domains, helping you to deliver your best field development plan.

Our commitment to technology and quality is one of Schlumberger’s guiding principles. Petrel 2019.5 delivers the latest updates in domain workflows, functionality, and productivity. It also leverages the power of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment data ecosystem to bring the latest advances in cognitive technology to your favorite E&P platform—whether you’re working in the DELFI environment or on-premise.

Committed to openness, we are making the Petrel platform data accessible across the DELFI E&P environment through its open data ecosystem. This enables us to enrich everyday tasks and workflows, while delivering unparalleled productivity and integration, ultimately enabling you to make better informed decisions faster.

Release updates

Game-changing geological process modeling

In this special release of the Petrel platform and Studio E&P knowledge platform, we’ve embedded our game-changing 2D geological process modeling (GPM 2D) technology with Petrel Combined Core and Petrel Geoscience Core licenses—at no extra cost. Gain a robust geological understanding of the sedimentary processes that govern your reservoir and use them as proxies for more complex and comprehensive 3D modeling.


GPM provides a methodology to model siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs based on principles of mass and energy conservation, which can then be used in combination with geostatistics to better predict both the lithology distribution and properties. GPM 2D offers the unique ability to build forward stratigraphic models in a user-defined cross-section.

When using GPM 2D, multiple alternative geological models can be created in seconds to minutes, thereby enabling you to quickly explore the effects of controlling parameters such as tectonics and sea-level variations on the resulting basin-fill stratigraphic architecture. This enables you to model complex sedimentary systems and better understand your reservoir stratigraphy. For users of GPM 3D, this also provides a fast and early analysis before going to full 3D simulations, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

Tightly integrated into the Petrel platform, GPM 2D leverages visualization capabilities to provide a focused working environment and dedicated hand-drawing tools. 


Petrel E&P software platform and Studio platform bring benefits to all geoscientists and engineers, including seismic processors, seismic interpreters, geologists, reservoir modelers, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, production geologists, and data and information managers. Both platforms can be deployed by companies working in exploration, development, and production of either unconventional or conventional reservoirs.