New Software Release

VISTA IVA 2018.006 for Omega 2019.1ext - Windows Now Available

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Product details

Omega seismic data processing software is a flexible, scalable system that allows for processing and imaging on a single workstation or massive compute clusters, or from a single 2D line to an immense 3D seismic survey.

VISTA IVA is a powerful interactive velocity analysis tool available in OMEGA 2019.1 and VISTA seismic processing packages. It allows you to pick velocities/ETA for both 2D and 3D seismic data. This tool allows you to generate on the fly all the necessary inputs for the velocity analysis such as semblance, CMP gather and CVS/MFVS stacks. Processing parameters can be modified after the data is loaded into the main IVA window.

Numerous options are available for Velocity/ETA analysis, from manual and auto picking to flooding from different velocity sources. Various moveout methods are available for isotropic and anisotropic media.

It employs sophisticated Velocity/ETA QCs tools such as multi-line 2D and 3D basemap displays, 3D view window and on the fly brute stack calculations.