New Software Release

Omega 2018 EXT Patch OCM 2.6.82 Now Available

Wednesday, 05 September 2018

Product details

Omega seismic data processing software is a flexible, scalable system that allows for processing and imaging on a single workstation or massive compute clusters, or from a single 2D line to an immense 3D seismic survey. Omega software accurately and efficiently processes the following:

  • Land, marine, and transition zone data
  • Time and depth data
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D surveys
  • Isotropic and anisotropic (TTI and VTI) velocity fields
  • Multicomponent data
  • Reservoir to basin scale projects

Release enhancements

This patch provides the following Omega Cluster Manager 2.6.82 enhancements:

  • Added display of license-server from environment to Help page
  • Added separate IO-Server column to JobList table
  • Added read and display of NUM_STEPS job parameter (multi-step).
  • Updated to release a max of 1 tape-job from the same template every cycle (10-seconds) to help prevent MMS from sending bursts of jobs to the same tape-server
  • Added node-counts by status to event log, scheduler-loop output.
  • Added option to spread serial jobs across nodes in shared-role node groups
  • Replaced java admin webservice client scripts with python
  • Changed default protocol in admin scripts from http:9090 to https:8181, while allowing auto-switch to http:9090 to support upgrade from older install