New Software Release

IAM 2020.2 Now Available

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Product overview

IAM field development planning and operations software provides a flexible simulation framework for asset-level decision making that integrates reservoir, production, process, and economics domain models. This total system model approach enables you to run a variety of integrated simulation models that deliver numerous benefits, such as a united understanding of subsurface and surface, improved forecast modeling, accurate capex prediction, and optimized operational efficiencies.

Providing a user-friendly interface for full-field simulation and optimization, IAM software enables you to graphically build asset management strategy, encapsulating well and reservoir group controls, operational constraints imposed by surface network models and downstream process facility models, and assessment of fieldwide economics.

Release highlights

The release of IAM 2020.2 delivers key features in asset modeling, with field management, fidelity, and usability. These features support:

  • Integrated fluids management workflows in the field management (FM) perspective for designing black oil and compositional delumping driven by FM

  • Dynamic entity (wells, groups, etc.) management at different dates, allowing for asset management strategy (AMS) creation with available entities and improved display of entities in the model browser

  • Dynamic network balancing definition for INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator FM-driven coupling with PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator, ENS, and GAP, allowing configurable network definitions with time.

  • Several enhancements to existing adapters (PIPESIM simulator and HYSYS) to improve robustness, stability, and performance.

  • Several enhancements to MBX coupling workflow with addition of new plots to aid results analysis and engine improvements.

  • Improvements to importing INTERSECT simulator restart cases to allow coupling of cases with ultrahigh-frequency data.


IAM software is for engineering users within oil and gas organizations and can be utilized at any phase of development within the E&P cycle. Asset technology or engineering managers are often the first to recognize the benefit of a full-field model built by the collaborative efforts of their multidisciplinary teams.

The software is useful for any new or existing large oil and gas development projects, but it may be crucial for assets where there are significant interdependencies between multiple fields or multiple production domain silos (reservoir, network, and process facilities) such as in heavy oil assets, assets with limited processing capabilities, or aging assets where the surface gathering network and facilities are now suboptimal because production rates have fallen over time.

IAM software applications include

  • Operational constraint modeling, front-end engineering and design (FEED) studies
  • Gas balancing and gas management
  • Surface pipeline network debottlenecking
  • Artificial lift evaluation and optimization
  • Compressor sizing and design studies
  • Separator design
  • Asset recovery optimization studies
  • Development drilling program planning
  • Field operations management
  • Reservoir coupling

IAM software provides the most complete and flexible framework for making critical decisions about an asset’s development and operation over its life time. IAM software enables the coupling of domain models—reservoir, production, process, and economics—into a total system model for proactive asset-level decision making.