New Software Release

ECLIPSE 2015.2 Now available

Product details

The ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator provides the industry’s most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior for all types of reservoirs.

The ECLIPSE simulator covers the entire spectrum of reservoir simulation, black oil, compositional, thermal and streamline reservoir simulation.

Release details

ECLIPSE 2015.2 is an update release containing all of the new functionality found in the 2015.1 major release. It also has an upgrade to the Block Parallel license to now allow 16 parallel processors (instead of 8 previously). Updates to the ECLIPSE Blackoil, ECLIPSE Compositional, and ECLIPSE FrontSim simulators address issues found in the ECLIPSE 2015.1 suite. The installer of this release now allows users to choose not to add a simulation launcher shortcut to the desktop.

The major ECLIPSE 2015.1 release included developments that enhance the functionality, usability, and performance capabilities of the simulators. These developments included improvements to the performance of the ECLIPSE simulator, both in terms of improving existing functionality and also by adding a new timestep selection scheme capable of selecting a longer average timestep than the standard scheme. Developments to chemical-enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in this release add to available methods and improve interoperability with flux boundary conditions. In ECLIPSE Compositional the generalized pseudo-pressure has been extensively improved.

A new version of the linear solver now allows ECLIPSE FrontSim 2015.1 to run larger models in excess of 200 million active cells. The efficiency of the initialization of the grid module in ECLIPSE FrontSim has been improved—for instance, the transmissibility calculation has been multithreaded. This has the most impact on screening and ranking workflows where the initialization part takes a large portion of the total run time.