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New Software Release

VISTA 2022 Now Available

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Product overview

VISTA desktop seismic data processing software provides data processing from early stage acquisition QC to final processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired on land, offshore, or as a vertical seismic profile (VSP)—in all industry and manufacturer data formats.

With VISTA software, you can easily navigate workflows and seamlessly evaluate datasets using the many interactive and interlinked displays. You can also add in your own algorithms through a C++, Python, or MATLAB SDK interface. The software supports advanced processing capabilities, including AVO and AVA analysis, multicomponent processing, and complete 2D and 3D VSP QC and processing.

VISTA software is available in four modules: VISTA Field QC, VISTA Field Processing, VISTA Full Processing, and VISTA VSP.

  • VISTA Field QC is used in the field to perform rapid QC and simple processing through to brute stack. 
  • VISTA Field Pro package provides additional tools for more sophisticated QC requirements, including poststack migration. 
  • VISTA Full Pro offers a complete QC and processing solution with all the field capabilities and it includes poststack line-tie and data merge, prestack migration, and time and depth image analysis. 
  • VISTA VSP can be used for complete VSP QC and processing.

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Release updates

  • New Interactive Azimuthal Analysis Display window
    • Displays VISTA headers dependent on azimuth and color coding based on another header item
  • Supports SEG-D 3.1 Input
  • Expanded usage of variable strings; added capability to more flow commands
  • New Flow Command that outputs binary SEG-Y headers to a text file
  • Added a new icon to the Plot Montage window that allows the user to set image size and copy the Montage to clipboard. This lets the user create images to screen as well as to print
  • Flow Command Enhancements include:
    • Normal Moveout, NMO – added non-stretch NMO options
    • GPSExShot 
      • Import additional shot information from TM4 text file.
      • Apply sinc interpolation.
      • Used recorded year/day/time from headers.
    • Surface consistent scaling, SCApply – added options to ignore missing scalars and to apply inverse scaling
    • Trim Statics, TrimStat  - Use time window of fixed length centered at the horizon saved to VISTA header
    • Header QC statics, HedStat – added a calculation option to convert arrival times to velocity
    • Seismic Display Window, SeisWin – now automatically creates image name/title based on header abbreviations and input file name and will skip empty plots and/or create a log of empty plots
    • Input SEG-D disk files, SegDdisk – now imports files with variable trace length in one file and added an option to interpret auxiliary traces (non-seismic) as live
    • Output data samples to ASCII, TextData – outputs traces as table with number of rows equal to number of samples and number of columns equal to number of traces plus first column containing sample sequence number
    • Advanced Pre-Stack 3D time migration, PSTM3D will not automatically use the 4th order equation if velocity file contains Eta picks
    • Cadzow 3D noise attenuation, Cadzow3D now applies a frequency taper before Cadzow application and after outliers are processed. 
    • Signature Deconvolution, Design – added an option to apply normalization operator
    • Added new gain options to VSP Spherical Divergence, VSPDiv
    • VSP Model Based NMO
      • Added option to update first break times to DATA_FIRSTBREAK header
      • Added Output from data to set output time reference to datum
  • New Snap Windows setting snaps windows to the edges of the main window
    • User sets the positions and sizes of snapped windows
  • Expanded and improved help documentation; includes Hot Key information for individual windows
  • Added new VSP tutorials to the Software Download Center
  • VSP Model Build Window enhancements include
    • Shifting the coordinate origin of the seismic dataset
    • Changing the dataset datum if it differs from the model datum
    • Dataset Datum Elevation default matches the model datum
  • VSP Profile Window enhancements include:
    • Outputting all time-depth reference options
    • Outputting 4 curves at once: KB-FRT, KB-Datum, Datum-FRT, Datum-Datum
    • Loading multi-component dataset and overlaying selected component with FBP display
    • The ability to handle 3C data and save results to all components headers
    • Limit interactive pick editing to time domain only
    • Calculating/saving Poisson ratio
    • Added New option to adjust time using keyboard (arrows)
    • Adjusting the color, symbol and time increment of the active point
    • Setting time increment in the Time Shift Parameters Dialog
  • Attribute Window enhancements include:
    • Check on/off display wells option in geometry view in the right click menu
    • Using the Diff icon to calculate the difference between displayed velocity and selected velocity
    • New option to subtract statics in the statics display
    • Improved LMO/Mute controls and station prediction
    • Viewing picked control points on surface map when picking LMO, mute or time gates in Seismic Window display and loading and displaying time gate files
  • Added a reset option that deletes current bulk time shift, phase shift and amplitude scalar corrections to the Data Matching Analysis Window
  • Added automatic bin grid estimation for post stack datasets to the 3D Geometry Window
  • Seismic Window Display enhancements include:
    • Saving and resetting interactive times shifts, including a new shortcut to unselect.
    • A new option to set and apply on-screen bulk time shift .
    • On screen shifting using VSP profile velocities.
    • Enabling of interactive times shifts in flipped display (VSP).
    • Added auto-correlation option to the seismic data analysis.
    • Added smooth amplitude spectra icon to smooth the display of amplitude spectra.
  • Picking enhancements include:
    • Numerous fixes and improvements to first break picking behavior.
    • Improved manual first break picking.
    • Loading binary file.
    • Saving linear velocities to headers for LMO picking.
    • Deleting controls in attribute while LMO picking.
  • Refraction Statics Window enhancements include:
    • Revamped dialogs for better usability.
    • Calculating floating datum elevation at CMP locations and save to headers.
    • Displaying/deleting problem control points.
  • Added a new icon to remove current picks and restart in Q-VSP estimation
  • 3C VSP FB Picking / Receiver Orientation Analysis Window enhancements include
    • New option to transfer first break picks to other components
    • Transfer picks to other components on current or all records
  • Added an option to output velocity file to 3D Flat file to the Velocity Convert
  • Added new options when saving VISTA static SRS file using headers in the Header View/Edit Window
  • Interactive Velocity Analysis new features include:
    • New file caching scheme for faster data loading.
    • Added new refresh options to the Multi-User Velocity Analysis Display Parameters dialog.
    • New option to allow brute stack updates on the fly.
  • Interactive Velocity Analysis enhancements include:
    • Faster saving Eta picks to file.
    • Significant code optimization.
    • Saving large datasets is significantly faster.
  • Updated black mouse cursors to standard white with a black border for enhanced visibility
  • Updated WavanaPro dialog
  • Improved Crash Log reporting. Added flow file to crash log, obscure path information
  • Corrected overlapping toolbars when windows are resized very small. Users may choose to use floating toolbars as an alternative
  • Corrected saving flow files from temporary seismic windows
  • Added VSP sort functionality back in for VSP stacked data


Geophysicists involved in field QC and processing of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired on land, offshore, or through VSP