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New Software Release

VISAGE 2016.1 Now Available

Monday, 20 June 2016

Product details

The VISAGE finite-element geomechanics simulator enables you to plan for and mitigate risks by modeling problems before they occur. This includes the following:

  • Compaction and subsidence
  • Well and completion integrity
  • Cap-rock and fault-seal integrity
  • Fracture behavior
  • Thermal recovery
  • CO2 disposal

The industry-leading VISAGE simulator has over 20 years’ pedigree and benefits from continuous software development and innovation.

Release details

This release delivers:

  • VISAGE - INTERSECT coupling: Fully automatic two-way coupling between VISAGE and INTERSECT on structured grids.
  • New VISAGE solver: Significant performance improvements due to the addition of the new Deflation solver and of the strain boundary condition.

Suitable for

Non-geomechanics specialists from other domains (including geophysics, reservoir engineering, drilling, completions, stimulation), wishing to incorporate rock stresses, rock displacements and geomechanics phenomena in their own modeling and analyses.

Geomechanics specialists performing modeling, analyses and geomechanics risk mitigation from exploration through to field development and optimization.