New Software Release

Simulation Cluster Manager 2017.1 Now Available

Thursday, 07 December 2017

Product details

Simulation Cluster Manager (SCM) is a web-based modular toolkit jointly developed with Platform Computing. The toolkit simplifies and optimizes the deployment and management of advanced simulation processes being executed by the ECLIPSE and INTERSECT simulators.

Simulation Cluster Manager allows our customer to deploy clusters for ECLIPSE, INTERSECT, VISAGE, PetroMod easily, fast, flexibly, and fully optimized. The solution can be deployed for a small or a large cluster consisting of one to many nodes. The solution allows you to maximize the benefits of Schlumberger software and help solve your most critical operation issues.

Release details

This release replaces earlier versions of SCM and requires a complete cluster reinstall.

Installation information

Simulation Cluster Manager 2017.1 requires hardware certified by Schlumberger.