New Software Release

Pipesim 2024 Now Available

Thursday, 21 December 2023

Product overview

The Pipesim™ steady-state multiphase flow simulator is the flagship well and network modeling software for steady-state multiphase flow simulation from SLB. Together with the Olga™ dynamic multiphase flow simulator, SLB provides a complete software solution for design and optimization of production systems.

The product is suitable for use by production, process, and flow assurance engineers and those involved in multiphase flow simulation.

These notes accompany the release of Pipesim 2024.1 from SLB. The notes describe changes in Pipesim 2024.1 relative to Pipesim 2023.1. This document should be read by all users of the Pipesim simulator. The complete program documentation consists of the Pipesim simulator help, the release notes, and the installation guides. 

The SLB software support hub provides useful information about the product and a knowledge base. 
In Europe, North America, and major parts of South America and Asia, Pipesim 2024.1 is now also available on the Delfi™ digital platform as part of the Domain Profiles on Delfi.

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Release updates

New tubing configuration for the advanced well type: dual string

The advanced well type was introduced in Pipesim 2023.1 to support complex well configurations. In Pipesim 2024.1, the advanced well functionality is extended to support wells with a dual string configuration, in which a pair of two parallel tubing strings are installed in the same wellbore to enable production from isolated zones, that cannot flow simultaneously into a single tubing string. In addition to the previously supported scenarios in Pipesim 2023.1, this release enables modeling of. 

  • Production/injection from/to two or three different zones
  • Production and injection in the same wellbore
  • Modeling of gas lift in a dual-string configuration (using injection ports)
  • Steam circulation in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations
  • Ability to inject more than one fluid into the same well

Upgrade to Olga-S flow model 2023.1

The list of available flow correlations is updated to include the Olga-S flow model 2023.1 with support for the high-definition model (HD). The HD model represents a step-change in the fidelity of multiphase flow modeling and is a result of over 15 years of industry-sponsored research. The HD model accounts for the variation of flow velocity with respect to the pipe cross-section and more accurately calculates liquid holdup and pressure loss, for horizontal and near-horizontal stratified flow. The HD model brings together the results of 15 years research, in addition to the main correlation development.

Option to generate gas lift design report

In Pipesim 2024.1, you have an option to generate a PDF report with all gas lift design input parameters and output results, including the comprehensive gas lift design plot. The report header includes user-defined data such as company, field, well, etc. 

Python Toolkit enhancements

The following enhancement is available in the Python Toolkit:

  • Support for selecting the Olga-S flow model.

Simulation results file format upgrade 

To reduce the size of simulation result files that are stored in the pipr folder, Pipesim 2024.1 uses a new file format. This means that if you open a previously saved model using Pipesim 2024.1, you will notice that the results in the new version are not displayed by default. A quick re-run is needed to visualize the results again.