Our First Virtual Signing Ceremony Initiates Ambitious Digital Engagement

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Schlumberger first virtual signing Trygve Randen, president SIS, and Johann Pleininger, chief upstream operations officer for OMV, use teleconferencing to sign an MoU

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown keeping us all apart, OMV Upstream and Schlumberger executives have come together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU), while keeping in line with the social distancing guidelines.

The spirit of collaboration is essential in these times, combining our strengths enables us all to achieve more; to emerge stronger together. OMV and Schlumberger are collaborating through a strategic partnership to deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment and its related solutions, starting April 1, 2020 until November 2020.

The agreement is to sign a five years collaboration framework to deploy DELFI technologies in OMV by the end of the year. 

Safety is our number one priority; most people in both companies are now working from home. Business continuity is essential for our customers during the lockdown, and our commitment to enhancing their performance and working in collaboration with them is now more important than ever. With the principle of safety first guiding our desire to continue moving forward together, Trygve Randen, president SIS, Schlumberger and Johann Pleininger, chief upstream operations officer for OMV, joined together via a video conferencing technology for our first ever virtual signing ceremony of a digital engagement.

“Finding a digital solution to signing the MoU for a digital collaboration, while stringently complying with every social distancing measure, just felt right. After all, what could be more apt than initiating Schlumberger support for OMV’s ambitious digital program and activities ‘DigitUP’, with digital technology that enables people to work together across great distances,” commented, Trygve.  “Both companies were pleased to be able to move forward with minimum disruption to our shared goal of enhancing performance through this MoU.”

The agreement paves the way for new approaches to E&P business and operations, including mobile and remote working, with vastly improved efficiency. The advanced digital technologies of the DELFI environment, as part of OMV’s transformative DigitUp program, will enable more agile and adaptive business models and technology, placing OMV in a stronger position to respond to rapidly changing, and sometimes volatile, market conditions.

OMV petrotechnical professionals will be able to use the DELFI environment when working from home, in the field, or when the COVID-19 situation allows, back in the office. They will have remote access to the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution—helping OMV towards achieving its goal to reduce well planning time for production wells by 90% by the end of 2022—the Petrotechnical Suite in DELFI, the ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution, and the FDPlan agile field development solution.

Reflecting both companies’ approach to an open, digital engagement, OMV and Schlumberger have committed to progressing the industry open source OSDU* data platform, with an agreement to contribute shared developments from relevant parts of their collaborative work.

*OSDU - The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum