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OMNI 3D 2020 Now Available

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Product details

OMNI 3D seismic survey design software is the industry standard for seismic survey design and modeling. Plan, execute, and analyze land, marine, transition zone, vertical seismic profile (VSP), and multicomponent surveys. The intuitive interface and versatile multiproject handling capability of the software enable users to quickly and effectively analyze and monitor their seismic acquisition projects. OMNI 3D 2020 delivers a range of enhancements and improvements related to data import and export, survey design, modeling capabilities, usability, productivity, and reliability. 

The software is available in two modules:

  • OMNI 3D Layout is used for geometry design, QC, analysis, and reporting as well as 2D Ray model and target model building and analysis. 
  • OMNI 3D Workshop contains all OMNI 3D Layout functionality from geometry design and QC and adds advanced analyses and 3D modeling building and analysis. 

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Release details

  • Ability to export surveys from the OMNI 3D Surveys or OMNI 3D Streamers module folder directly into new or existing NORSAR projects
    • Direct export available for 
      • Land or ocean bottom cable (OBC) scripts
      • Model streamers
      • Data streamers
  • Improved resolution of imagery data downloaded from Bing Maps
    • Tiles downloaded with maximum-possible resolution
    • Ability to set the number of tiles for download to further improve image resolution through the Settings > Options > Bing Maps tab
    • Updating of small coordinate inaccuracies when downloading Bing Map elevations
  • SEG-Y trace headers for synthetic data enhancements
    • SEG-Y Revision 1 standard trace headers assigned for bytes 1 through 196
    • OMNI 3D software–specific trace headers assigned to bytes 197 through 225
    • Autogenerated Reel headers (extended binary coded decimal interchange code [EBDIDIC]) to include file name, date, format, byte order, software version, projection data, data description, and trace header information (byte, name, description)
    • Computation and writing of measured depth (DEPTH_SHOT and DEPTH_REC) to byte locations 49–52 and 225–228
    • More trace headers written than previous versions
    • Adjusting of defaults to perform no processing when outputting synthetics
  • Up to 5× faster survey loading and up to 2× faster survey saving 
  • Improvements to the OBC script shooting mode for H and I pattern scripts for ocean bottom node (OBN) and OBC surveys
    • Improved consistency of resulting script
    • Corrected usage of the Offset Shots from Center Point parameter
    • Removed shot events created for nonexistent shots and empty patches
  • New reprojection algorithm for data streamers
  • New common midpoint and reflection point (CMP-CRP) displacement analysis calculation method to the 3D Ray model analyses
  • Updated illumination analysis results, including that any rays computed with a reflection angle ≥90° are discarded from the illumination analysis result
  • Updated interactive illumination, diffraction, and reflection analyses of the 3D Ray and 3D grid models
    • All ray attributes exported to CSV file 
    • Individual ray attributes copied from the wizard display pane
    • Updated user interface 
    • Ensured consistency of 3D Ray and 3D grid ray attributes
  • New traveltime and amplitude ray attributes for the interactive reflection analysis of 3D grid models
  • Conversion of 2D Ray models into 3D Ray models
  • Improved accuracy of line-based estimates of the average inline and crossline angles for zigzag station layouts
  • Improved “Save to KML” operation for obstacles, detours, streamer obstacles, and survey boundary
    • Objects output as polygons
    • Polygon outline matched to the outline width setting 
    • Drawing of polygon outline
    • Polygon fill setting matched to what is set in the Appearance setting
  • Import SEG-Y files using the “sgy” or “SEG-Y” file extension
  • Updated color bar settings
    • Addition of 'Load Scale, Except Title...' and 'Paste Scale, Except Title...' operations to the color scale context (right-click) menu
    • Reorganized the color scale context menu
  • Select stations displayed shot event from the View Shot Events wizard
    • Ability to press S to select, press U to unselect stations
    • Ability to hold down S or U to select multiple events
  • Added support for remote, shared licenses
  • More error checking to low-level file reads and seeks; OMNI 3D software attempts to skip over detected issues to load files
  • Populated report tags PROJ_DATUM, PROJ_DATUM_WGS84 and DATE_SHORT for survey, streamer, summary, and custom reports
  • SPS exporter that automatically populates header records H00 through H30
  • Progress bars, panes, and windows that immediately display percentage complete status
  • Doubled maximum number of characters displayed in the ASCII tab


Geologists, geophysicists, and those involved in acquisition, survey design, and modeling