New Software Release

OMNI 3D 2018 Now Available

Friday, 28 September 2018

Product details

OMNI 3D seismic survey design software is the industry standard for seismic survey design and modeling. It is used to plan, execute, and analyze land, marine, transition zone, vertical seismic profile (VSP), and multicomponent surveys. The intuitive interface and versatile multiproject handling capability of the software enable users to quickly and effectively analyze and monitor their seismic acquisition projects. OMNI 3D 2018 delivers a range of enhancements and quality improvements related to survey design, data import and export, productivity, and reliability.

Release details

Survey design improvements

  • Ability to apply default files to multiple surveys to efficiently update survey, shot, receiver, script, project styles, and settings. New drop-down menu item to apply the settings to the group folder containing multiple surveys.
  • Ability to modify the visibility to multiple selected surveys. New drop-down menu item enables you to modify the visibility of the shots, receivers, scripts, detours, obstacles, or surface and fold boundaries for any number of surveys at the same time.
  • New color bar owner information to helps users quickly match up color bars and displays when multiple color bars are displayed.
  • Ability to display 16 different color scales within the edit view.
  • Ability to create a normalized color scale to display one master color scale for all visible items in the edit view.
  • New functionality of the bin contribution wizard to QC traces generated by the depth and illumination analyses.
  • New script editing tool to create a script containing only the traces contributing to selected bins within the bin contribution wizard.
  • Increase in the number of files users can load during SPS, Firefly, P190, P111, SEG P1, XYZ, FTF, images files, attribute, analysis import, and more.
  • New multiple copies dialog tool for making multiple copies of a survey and its analyses.
  • New drop-down menu item for applying attribute math to shots or receivers for selected surveys.

Reporting and QC improvements

  • Additional outputs to the station line summary reports to accurately report line lengths for flip-flop or sinusoidal lines.
  • Ability to estimate production times for land surveys. OMNI 3D software computes source and receiver attributes including source firing day and receiver first and last day used. It also displays the results as shot and receiver station attributes and the total days required to deploy each receiver. The calculation takes several variables into account (fleet movements, operational efficiencies, downtime, maximum number of events per day) and allows for constant or variable cycle and movement times.

Data import and export improvements

  • Automation of the naming of separate surveys to match the SPS record names when importing numerous SPS, S, R, and X records.
  • Decimation of streamer receiver groups during P190 export to help reduce file sizes.
  • Automation of interpolation of missing receiver groups during P190 loading.
  • 4x faster loading of p190 data than previous releases.

General improvements

  • Adjustment of menu items to properly display on 4K monitors.
  • Ability to compute large datasets more efficiently with improved 5D Interpolation, DMO, AVO, and PSTMK analysis algorithms.
  • Increase in the maximum memory cache size to improve runtimes of analysis calculations, status files, and grids.

Suitable for

The product is suitable for geologists and geophysicists and those involved in acquisition, survey design, and modeling.