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New Software Release

Omega 2020.1 Now Available

Monday, 14 September 2020

Product details

The Omega geophysical data processing platform and associated Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in provide all the necessary tools to efficiently and accurately process land, marine, transition zone, 2D, 3D, and time-lapse seismic data.

The Omega platform offers an interactive desktop, seismic processing infrastructure, sophisticated data management, and wide algorithm base to enable complex seismic data processing from a single workstation to a cluster processing environment. The Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in comprises a complete workflow for imaging and velocity modeling that harnesses the power of the Omega platform and the Petrel E&P software platform to provide an interactive environment for confident decision making.
Together, these platforms offer

  • industry-leading tomography and steering filters
  • fully integrated interpretation and processing
  • high-definition flexible velocity model representation
  • full anisotropic modeling (vertical transverse isotropy [VTI] and tilted transverse isotropy [TTI])
  • complex geobody modeling capabilities
  • interactive localized imaging techniques.

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Release updates

The key features of Omega 2020.1 include

  • New seismic function module to estimate and apply spatial and temporal shifts representing the difference between two equivalent subsurface images
  • New seismic function module to apply inverse (or forward) Q-filtering with superior results and increased functionality over legacy modules
  • New seismic function module to extract data from a ZGY format file and enable further processing and output in DIO (WesternGeco proprietary format)
  • New seismic function module that interpolates scalar property values using structural information automatically computed from a seismic image as a guide, without the need for manual picking
  • Added ability to perform forward and inverse 3D curvelet transform
  • Added improved efficiency, functionality, and/or increased processing speed for the following seismic function modules: XIMP, SURFACE_WAVE_MODEL, MIGR_KIRCH_DEPTH, MIGR_RTM, ADAPTIVE_DEGHOST_OPT, and others
  • Improved usability and functionality for the Omega SeisFlow, Omega SeisView, and Omega Dataset Manager applications.

A variety of additional revisions and updates are included in this release, including enhancements, new functionalities, and bug fixes.

The Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in suite is updated in conjunction with the release of Omega 2020.1. Updates include

  • Enhancements in the Petrel Earth Model Building suite, including geophysical improvements in the PP and PS registration features
  • Improved performance and usability for prestack seismic interpretation (PSI)
  • Improved anisotropic S-differentials for the CIP_DIFF seismic function module


The suite of tools, including the Omega platform and Ocean software development framework plug-ins for the Petrel platform, is designed for anyone needing to condition, process, model, image, interpret, invert, or otherwise handle seismic data or conduct AVO modeling.