New Software Release

Omega 2019.1 Now Available

Product details

The Omega geophysical data processing platform and associated Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in provide all the necessary tools to efficiently and accurately process land, marine, transition zone, 2D, 3D, and time-lapse seismic data. 

The Omega platform offers an interactive desktop, seismic processing infrastructure, sophisticated data management, and wide algorithm base to enable complex seismic data processing from a single workstation to a cluster processing environment. The Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in comprises a complete workflow for imaging and velocity modeling that harnesses the power of the Omega platform and the Petrel E&P software platform to provide an interactive environment for confident decision making. 

Together, these platforms offer

  • industry-leading tomography and steering filters
  • fully integrated interpretation and processing
  • high-definition flexible velocity model representation
  • full anisotropic modeling (vertical transverse isotropy [VTI] and tilted transverse isotropy [TTI])
  • complex geobody modeling capabilities
  • interactive localized imaging techniques

Release details

The key features of Omega 2019.1 include

  • New suite of seismic function modules for surface-consistent deconvolution, which includes the ability to derive a single surface-consistent deconvolution decomposition for an entire survey
  • New seismic function module that optimizes the quality and cost of the 3D GSMP general surface multiple prediction algorithm in areas with underlying geological complexities
  • New seismic function module for analyzing S-wave splitting as part of the multicomponent processing workflow
  • As part of the full-waveform inversion (FWI) workflow, a new seismic function module for performing 3D Gaussian smoothing with a trace sample–centered 3D window 
  • In the imaging workflow, a new seismic function module that removes smoothing-induced velocity changes around salt halos
  • Improved efficiency and processing speed for the following seismic function modules: 3D GSMP algorithm, adaptive deghosting, adaptive subtraction, and others
  • Improved usability and functionality for the Omega SeisFlow and Job Analysis applications
  • New features and updates for Omega Cluster Model with improved accounting and health check dialogs.

Under the software-as-a-service model, there are two new FWI solutions:

  • Adjustive full-waveform inversion
  • Reflection-based full-waveform inversion.

Approximately 800 revisions and updates are included in this release, including enhancements, new functionalities, and bug fixes. 

The Petrel Earth Model Building plug-in suite is updated in conjunction with the release of Omega 2019.1. Updates include

  • New PP and PS registration features in the Petrel Earth Model Building suite
  • Prestack seismic interpretation (PSI) for improved event picking quality.

Suitable for

The suite of tools, including Omega platform and Ocean Software Development Framework plug-ins for the Petrel platform, is designed for anyone needing to condition, process, model, image, interpret, invert, or otherwise handle seismic data or conduct AVO modeling.