New Software Release

Merak Suite 2020.1 Has Arrived

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Release details

The latest version of Merak planning, risk, and reserves software has been released with numerous usability and functionality improvements:

  • New capabilities in the Merak Break Even Tool plug-in have been added to save and load settings, save results of the analysis, exclude actual data from the analysis, and include capital variables in the analysis.
  • New capability to easily update prices and global data using Merak Excel Data Loader plug-in.
  • New usability enhancements for the Peep module in Merak software, such as searching for reports and searching for functions and variables in logic expression builder and longer names to describe model variables.
  • New capability in the Peep module in Merak software to build reports in fewer steps by directly adding model variables from the model into the selected reports from within the model itself.
  • New capability in the Peep module in Merak software to export and import a Scenario dictionary and a Result Set Qualifier dictionary using export (.pex) files from the Peep module in Merak software.
  • Enhanced rollup reports with ability to add current date and time to the title and ability to report average price in the Peep module in Merak software.
  • New settings in Preferences for partial case reporting so that it applies to all cases, consolidations, and batches in the Peep module in Merak software.
  • Descriptive login messages to help the user identify the cause of any login issues.
  • New SDK methods added to link and unlink Global Data arrays from Opcost and Custom variables.
  • Support for Oracle Database 19c.