New Software Release

Merak 2021.1 is Now Available

Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Release updates

The latest version of Merak planning, risk, and reserves software has been released with numerous usability and functionality improvements:

  • VOLTS can now be configured for multiple parent categories to track the full development cycle of the reserves. The categories are configured in Merak Administration Console.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      With this feature,users can now follow the PRMS guidelines for reserve and resource classifications.
  • The VOLTS Analytics templates are enhanced to save the scope and filter settings along with the
  • In VOLTS Analytics, the filter section is narrowed based on the Scope selected.
  • The VOLTS Analytics Indicator Grid has a quick filter section that enables custom and quick filters
    on the grid.
  • The VOLTS Analytics Indicator Grid can be exported to PDF.
  • The VOLTS Analytics PDF export feature allows to include an image in the PDF. This feature can
    be used to add a company logo to the PDF report.
  • A lightweight VOLTS Analytics independent installer is available for on-demand analytics of the
    VOLTS data.
  • Monthly and daily production rates can be uploaded using the Peep Excel data loader plugin.
  • For the Peep batch documents, additional permission to edit the sensitivity of the batch
    documents is added in MAC.
  • The ability to lock the input data based on configurable start and end dates is introduced.