New Software Release

MEPO 2020.1 Now Available

Friday, 03 July 2020

Product overview

Field development decisions are built on extensive uncertainty quantification assessments to identify and mitigate economic risks under tight market conditions. In this process, reservoir simulations are best used in a scalable execution environment for result delivery in time. Uncertainty and optimization processes coupled with an efficient case management organize hundreds or thousands of simulations for result-driven analysis and presentation.
The MEPO multiple realization optimizer works in conjunction with simulation engines using a powerful run-management system to help you achieve fast and accurate results. By bringing science, structure, and objectivity to simulation projects, the MEPO optimizer enables geoscientists and engineers to evaluate the full range of options to fully understand and manage development and production challenges.


  • Probabilistic, multiple realization approach for optimized decision making and risk mitigation
  • Optimizing field development plans, well-injection strategies, gas lift, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) strategies
  • Assisted history matching
  • Uncertainty assessment

Features and benefits

  • Automation of any modeling and simulation workflow
  • Evaluation of the full range of development options
  • Quick quantification of uncertainty and response parameter contributions
  • Unrivaled history matching capabilities
  • Robust production forecasting that incorporates subsurface uncertainty

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Release updates

Support for DELFI On Demand Reservoir Simulation

DELFI On Demand Reservoir Simulation empowers reservoir engineers with unconstrained access to best-in-class numerical simulators combined with elastic cloud compute technologies.

User Interface Change for Job Submission

The simulation submission has been rationalized under a common launcher. Users can submit simulations from the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator and INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator in one click.


Development and exploration petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, and any asset team members who are required to perform uncertainty quantification, assisted history matching, and production forecast optimization.