New Software Release

Malcom 2019.1 Now Available

Monday, 30 December 2019

Product details

Malcom interactive fluid characterization software is the Schlumberger foundation technology dedicated to reservoir fluid and source rock evaluation, geochemical data analysis, and interpretation for the E&P industry. Processing and interpretation within Malcom software enable the accessibility and integration of all geochemical data and provide advanced petroleum system characterization to identify reservoir fluid sources, reservoir connectivity, and evolution of production over time. Malcom software users seamlessly integrate geochemical data from field to lab to office to interpret critical rock and fluids properties that inform the decision-making process in field development, exploration targets, and production strategies.

Malcom software provides

  • Best-in-class tools to efficiently visualize and process gas chromatography data
  • Comprehensive techniques for the automated manipulation of multiple samples that simultaneously provide fast and reliable analysis of compositional fluid data and calculate parameters key to reservoir Fluid descriptions
  • Dedicated Malcom Geochemical Data Interpretation module for geochemists
  • Solutions for reservoir engineering based on geochemical oil fingerprinting, such as sample classification, reservoir connectivity assessment and production allocation
  • The ability to customize and extend the integrated geochemical data library (parameters and interpretative graphs).


Malcom interactive fluid characterization software is a dedicated tool designed to simplify data management and interpretation for geochemists, geologists, and reservoir engineers in performing asset evaluations from exploration through development and production that employ compositional analysis associated with PVT analyses, mud gas and solution gas isotopes and compositions, source rock evaluation and correlation, and advanced geochemical techniques such as whole oil, biomarker, and diamondoid analysis. Petroleum system modeling and production monitoring are also supported by Malcom software. Malcom software can also be used in various contexts for the efficient and accurate interpretation of gas chromatography, source rock, isotopes, and gas data.