New Software Release

DELFI Drilling Interpretation 2018.2 Now Available

Monday, 08 April 2019

Product overview

DELFI Drilling Interpretation is a web-deployed, fully integrated drilling monitoring and analysis technology that enables workflows for NPT and drilling optimization and KPI benchmarking and evaluation. DELFI Drilling Interpretation is fully coupled to a multiwell, x-domain collaborative storage to optimize offset well analysis, root cause analysis, and well planning workflows.
DELFI Drilling Interpretation has been optimized with internal feedback from IDS, D&M, and external users. It contains the following drilling related workflows:

  • hole condition monitoring
  • drilling efficiency
  • key performance indicators (KPI)
  • mechanical specific energy (MSE)
  • casing run workflow
  • custom workflow including extensibility with Python in workflow engine (PyWE)


  • Prevents drilling problems by recognizing potential hazards ahead of time
  • Improves efficiency of drilling operations
  • Establishes drilling KPI benchmarks
  • Increases operational performance
  • Enhances integration and knowledge application

Release updates

  • Improved general performance.
  • Introduced new status workflow with activity state, quality control, and true-vertical-depth (TVD) computation for determining rig activity.
  • Introduced new Depth Gating method to project in depth drilling and nondrilling activities


Users include

  • customers Operation Support Centers
  • drilling engineers
  • drilling optimization specialists
  • well engineers
  • geoscientists.