New Software Release

Avocet 2017.1 Has Arrived

Engineered for your operations

Mobilize your data capture processes

Introducing the Avocet Mobile Data Capture app—your mobile field data capture solution that streamlines the process of collecting and monitoring valuable field data through an intuitive mobile interface. The app securely and reliably delivers data directly to your designated downstream users. The first version is available for iOS devices. Android devices will be supported in a future version.

Launch screens in the context of report items for all report types

The context menu feature is extended to Ad Hoc reports, now making it available for all report types in the Avocet production operations software platform. You can build context menus for each report type, specifying which screens you want to access in the context of a selected report item. You simply select an item on the report, right-click to display the context menu, and select the screen. The selected screen then displays alongside (in the context of) the report. For example, you can launch the Avocet Diagram Editor from a selected allocation network item in an Ad Hoc report and compare both simultaneously. For all report types, the context menu functionality is improved to enable you to retain focus on the same dates and items between screens.  

Launch the Avocet platform in context

Through the command line, you can launch multiple instances of the Avocet platform without disturbing the screen focus of an existing instance. This makes it possible for you to easily compare data across multiple items and transactions, all within the same context.  
The launch in context feature enables you to launch a specific Avocet platform screen from another software application. For example, you can launch the Avocet Wellbore Schematic screen from a selected bore item in OFM well reservoir and analysis software.

E-mail notification of process status

By modifying an e-mail template configuration file, you can send e-mail notifications to specified recipients or recipient groups about the completion status of a selected process. You can also include the log file generated by the process.  

Leverage the new web services API

For developers, a new web services API has been implemented. You can use these APIs to customize and extend the Avocet platform to connect with your web service client or clients. The Silverlight web services client implementation is no longer supported.  

Access and preview with a standardized reporting interface

Grid reports, Ad Hoc reports, and Transaction Data grid reports can all be accessed from a single Reports node in the Navigation Tree. The different types of reports now share a similar Navigator structure and display format. You can customize the contents and organization of the Reports folders that are accessed through the tree node. All report types can be previewed before they are launched.

Facilitate filters using Ad Hoc Report Designer enhancements

In addition to the new context menu support, Ad Hoc reports now have an enhanced Designer view. The added tab enables you to insert filters in the report definition. You can define multiple search filters for first-level and drilldown items just as you can with other report types.  

Update and organize your navigation tree dynamically

The Favorites Manager is more robust, enabling you to update and organize reports and folders dynamically in a Favorites view. You can create and manage custom folder hierarchies within a Navigation Tree node, where you can use drag-and-drop to organize items within the node. You can manage your favorites within the Navigation Tree node without having to open a separate window.  

Add specific scenarios via the allocation scenario documentation

The allocation documentation is extended to include specific allocation scenarios for proportional allocation and gas lift allocation.

Put performance improvements to work for you

Code has been optimized in the Avocet platform to improve the following performance features:

- Diagram Editor
- Allocation
- Replication

Get started

Be among the first to use Avocet 2017 and the convenient Avocet Mobile Data Capture app. Contact your local SIS representative for further details on how to upgrade to this latest release. The new Avocet Mobile Data Capture app can be downloaded from the Apple app store.

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