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Plenary sessions are available on-demand starting at 6 a.m. GMT Tuesday, 27 October– Friday, 6 November 2020.

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Schlumberger Online Conference

Themed presentations and live Q&A from October 27-30, 2020.
On-demand content runs until November 6, 2020.

Digital Transformation for an Efficient and Sustainable Industry
Tuesday, 27 October
Time (GMT) Title Calendar Download
8 a.m. Supporting the Global Energy Transition with Digital Solutions Add to Calendar
11 a.m. Digital Transformation Acceleration for All: Schlumberger, IBM and, Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Collaboration for the Energy Industry Add to Calendar
2 p.m. Deployment: Transition to Cloud with Modern Data Management Capabilities Add to Calendar
5 p.m. DELFI Data Science AI, We're All In Add to Calendar
8 p.m. Digital Transformation in Action: Chevron’s Journey to the DELFI Environment through collaboration with Schlumberger and Microsoft Add to Calendar


The Evolution of Subsurface Characterization
Wednesday, 28 October
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6 a.m. Increase the Potential for Enterprise Data Discovery, Integration, and Value Extraction with GAIA Add to Calendar
8 a.m. Agile Field Development Planning with FDPlan Add to Calendar
10 a.m. Evergreen Exploration Evaluation and Planning: Equinor and Schlumberger Collaboration with ExplorePlan Add to Calendar
12 p.m. Accelerated Reservoir Modeling - Collapsing Cycle times for Optimizing Field Development Scenarios Add to Calendar
2 p.m. The Launch of the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI Environment on Microsoft Azure Add to Calendar
4 p.m. Tech Talks:
  • Realizing the Value of Ocean Bottom Nodes for Subsurface Characterization
  • Fast-Turnaround Time-Lapse Ocean Bottom Seismic Processing Enabled by Up-Down Deconvolution
  • Reduce Uncertainty in Complex Subsurface Scenarios with Effective Internal Multiple Attenuation
Add to Calendar
6 p.m. Tech Talks:
  • Enhanced Full-Waveform Inversion in Earth Model Building
  • Least-Squares Migration: Handling Illumination in Complex Geological Settings
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8 p.m. Tech Talks:
  • eNode Land Seismic Solution: Paving the Path for Ultrahigh-Density Seismic Data in the Permian Basin
  • Setting New Standards for High-Density Seismic Acquisition in the Permian Basin
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10 p.m. Tech Talks:
  • Enhancing Unconventional Reservoir Characterization with Seismic Data
  • Increase Your Success in Unconventional Reservoirs with Seismic Engineering
Add to Calendar
12 a.m. Accelerating Seismic Processing Add to Calendar


Delivering a New Era in Drilling and Well Construction
Thursday, 29 October
Time (GMT) Title Calendar Download
8 a.m. How Tripping Connections Improvements Lead to Months of Savings Add to Calendar
11 a.m. Consistency and Efficiency Gains with DrillOps Automate Add to Calendar
2 p.m. Well Integrity Management Solution Built on Wellbarrier Solution Add to Calendar
5 p.m. Collaborative Well Planning with DrillPlan Add to Calendar
8 p.m. Driving Drilling Performance through Remote Decision Support Add to Calendar


Next Generation Production Operations: Integrating Edge, Cloud and, Enterprise Solutions
Friday, 30 October
Time (GMT) Title Calendar Download
8 a.m. Multiphase Flow Simulation to Design, Operate and Optimize your Asset with OLGA and PIPESIM Simulators Add to Calendar
11 a.m. Right-sizing Field Production to Meet Demand with PIPESIM Simulator Add to Calendar
2 p.m. Tuning Production Operations with the ProdOps Solution Add to Calendar
5 p.m. Advanced Edge Analytics and Automated Control Using Agora and Sensia: Ecuador Case Study Add to Calendar
8 p.m. Delivering Optimized Facility Planning and Operations with Symmetry: DCP Midstream Case Study Add to Calendar

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