OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator User Group Meeting

The OLGA User Group Meeting (UGM) is an annual event to share innovative use and best practices within a broad spectrum of Flow Assurance applications. We will focus on the latest developments in the upcoming OLGA 2017 release, and in addition share some highlights in PIPESIM 2017. You, our users, are invited to present your experiences and case studies. The UGM is also an important forum for you to provide your input toward our upcoming development cycle(s).


  • Extended functionality in OLGA Core and the Compositional Tracking Module
  • Improved fluid handling capabilities through pressure/enthalpy flash formulation
  • Improved numerics to enhance simulation stability under shut-in conditions
  • PIPESIM 2017 (fast model building though GIS data capture, improved capabilities for gas lift design, Python toolkit for model automation, and much more)
  • Case studies
  • Tips & Tricks from Support
  • Roadmap and outlook on digital workflows and life cycle capabilities
  • Date Location Register
    25 September Abu Dhabi Register
    17 October Paris Register
    19 October Milan Register
    26 October Aberdeen Register
     2 November Houston  Register
    2 November London Register
    9 November Perth Register
    14 November Kuala Lumpur Register
    15 November Jakarta Register
    16 November Stavanger Register


    The 2017 OLGA UGM is an important event for both current and potential OLGA and PIPESIM Users, and we look forward to meeting you soon in a location near you.

    The event runs the full day and is free of charge.