OLGA & PIPESIM User Group Meeting

Because of the continuing Covid-19 situation, we've decided to host most of the UGMs virtually this year. Last year's virtual events were very well received, and feedback indicated that the virtual events were effective substitutes for in-person UGMs. At the events we hope to create an inspiring UGM atmosphere with product updates, customer presentations, and insightful discussions.  

This year we're holding seven half-day events for different parts of the world. While most of the events will be virtual, we plan to hold two in-person meetings. However, if the Covid-19 situation worsens significantly, these meetings may be canceled, and we'll let you know in advance. You're welcome to participate in any of the virtual events. If the in-person UGMs are held, you can only attend these meetings if you are usually based in the country where the meeting is taking place.

The UGM is a forum for sharing innovative ways to apply digital solutions and best practices across a wide range of Flow Assurance and Production application areas, it is aimed at both current and prospective users of both the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator and the PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator. The Flow Assurance portfolio team will give presentations at each session, including new advances in the OLGA simulator and the PIPESIM simulator, an introduction to our digital solutions and capabilities, and a roadmap for New Energy initiatives. There will also be presentations from some of our eminent Schlumberger customers from around the world. During events we'll offer online feedback sessions and active discussions, like last year. The registration page contains a detailed agenda for each event.

See below for an overview of the forthcoming UGM events.

Date Location Language Location
26 October Asia and Oceania English Virtual
2 November North America and Brzail English Virtual
11 November Latin America Spanish Virtual
23 November Middle East & North America English Virtual
25 November Europe and Western Africa English Virtual
30 November Scandinavia English Stavanger
9 December Russia and Central Asia Russian St Petersburg


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On behalf of the Schlumberger team:

Kersti Ekeland Bjurstroem, Flow Assurance Portfolio Manager
Ahmad Shammari, PIPESIM Product Champion
Darragh Flanagan, OLGA Product Champion
Jon R. Heum, Business Development Manager