Geomechanics Technology Review

September 28, 2016, London, UK

Join us at one of two repeat sessions for the Software Integrated Solutions showcase on how to improve asset performance through an integrated approach featuring geomechanical technology and services. "Geomechanics Across the Asset—A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Understanding Geomechanical Challenges" will include numerous applications and examples.

Welcome and Introduction
Nick Koutsabeloulis
Field Development
Reservoir Compaction and Surface Subsidence Models
Input for infrastructure decisions during the feasibility phase
Karsten Fischer
Optimizing Well Location and Trajectories
Application of 3D modeling for safe mud-weight windows in the selection phase
Karsten Fischer
Detailed Well Design
Multiwell 1D mechanical earth modeling workflows in the definition phase and real-time monitoring in the execution phase
Juliane Heiland
Reservoir and Production Optimization
Field Integrity
Production and injection scenarios for caprock integrity, fault reactivation, and fracture stability
Adrian Herrera
Sand Production
3D screening tools for 1D completion optimization
Juliane Heiland
Well Integrity
3D near-wellbore models and casing integrity
Karsten Fischer
Closing Comments Nick Koutsabeloulis


Two sessions are scheduled for your convenience.

This event is hosted in London but will be broadcast from HQ to all Schlumberger offices on request. If you would like to attend remotely please contact your local SIS representative and we will be happy to host you so you can attend from your region.

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