Avocet platform volumes management provides data entry, production visualization, computation, fluids allocation, and operational and regulatory reporting—all through an easy-to-use application that runs on desktops, field laptops, and the web.


  • Full-stream allocations for a wide range of fluids and chemicals at various complexity levels, from simple single-battery allocations to field-wide networks comprising multiple plants, gathering facilities, and wells.
  • Regulatory reporting of production volumes.
  • Inventory tracking, recording, and visualizing for produced fluid, chemicals, and equipment.


  • The integrated platforms allow operators and engineers to collaborate in gathering field production data, tracking potential problems, and planning responses to reduce downtime and optimize production.
  • Production accountants and administrators who prepare reports and financial data can transfer information to their respective revenue accounting systems, preventing repetitive and possibly erroneous data entry.
  • Asset managers are able to view asset performance, monitor KPIs, and visualize relevant information that can affect production and impact performance. 


  • Production is calculated using measurements, tank inventories, shipments, and tickets supported by a host of industry calculations, including API, ISO, and AGA standards for volume computation, temperature, and pressure corrections.
  • Visually configurable allocation networks are available for a wide range of facility integration, from simple single-battery allocations to field-wide multiflow networks comprising multiple wells, plants, and gathering facilities.
  • Volume changes are tracked through time with allocation calculated at various levels of complexity.
  • Theoretical estimates for wellhead production are computed using various methods such as well tests, measurements, and mathematical models, with allocation set up using network schematics.
  • Data is integrated from well master databases to measurement and laboratory systems, engineering tools, accounting packages, and other software applications.
  • Intuitive allocation network dashboards support easy centralized management of allocation process and status.