Maximize the value of your E&P data

ProSource Front Office provides a Web interface to the ProSource corporate data management system. Providing easy-to-use tools to search, browse, and visualize stored well data, the software allows you to better understand and take full advantage of your valuable geoscience assets. The intuitive search-refinement capabilities built into ProSource Front Office provide an efficient means to locate, visually filter, and deliver data relevant to current projects.

Standalone Web application

ProSource Front Office is available as a standalone Web application that can be run from the corporate intranet for easy searching and browsing of corporate data, allowing you to:

  • Search for well headers, deviation surveys, well logs, markers, checkshots, perforations, and core intervals.
  • Conduct advanced searches via an intuitive interface.
  • Perform map-based spatial filtering for easier identification of data (or reverse filter to identify missing data).
  • Use efficient, interactive map and visualization tools.
  • Export data via DLIS, LIS, LAS, SEG-Y (VSP), and Microsoft Excel files.
  • Search for geocontextual information within specific areas of interest, such as results of core analysis, stratigraphic studies, and other related documents (requires MetaCarta software). 

Extended features via plug-ins

The capabilities of Petrel and Techlog software can also be extended with the use of plug-ins. This includes an efficient mechanism for data managers to deliver and integrate supported data into Techlog projects and into the Studio E&P knowledge environment for Petrel software, enabling you to:

  • Select by data item, by individual data type or by all.
  • Transform data to Petrel or Techlog project coordinate systems.
  • Automatically detect and handle data exceptions.
  • Experience built-in data compression for high-volume data delivery.

Training Courses

Need a training course?

WesternGeco offers a comprehensive training program to support users of the Petrel E&P Software Platform, WesternGeco plugins, and other software products.


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