• Models slug formation, merging of slugs, and growth and decay of slugs
  • Handles hydrodynamic, terrain, start-up, rate change induced slugging, and slugging generated from pigging
  • Quantifies the volume and composition of slugs


The Olga Slug Tracking module has the unique capability to track each individual slug from formation to either exit from the pipeline or extinction. The model considers the mechanisms of slug formation, merging of slugs, growth, and decay of slugs.

The Olga Slug Tracking module is especially useful in production facilities design, enabling engineers to determine whether downstream equipment (such as separators and compressors) will be capable of properly processing anticipated slugs. 

Typical cases

  • Slug-catcher and separator design
  • Control strategies and system design
  • Operational procedures/guidelines
  • Pigging procedures
  • Operational trouble shooting
  • Compressor performance analysis